• 2014 Year in Review

  • Times of challenge and change are defining moments in history. When we are tried and tested to our limits, we have the opportunity to dig deep and rediscover the universal principles that undergird all of life and reality. This year, we saw the timeliness of the vision of “One Family Under God” in the significant milestones accomplished this year. [Read More]

  • Korean Dream

  • Dr. Moon's highly acclaimed book, written in Korean, posits a vision for Korean unification that harkens back to a shared ancient heritage that precedes the peninsula’s almost seventy-year division. This riveting book is a heartfelt call to Koreans and supporters everywhere to join the quest to bring peace to the region.  [Read More]

  • Global Peace Convention

  • The Global Peace Foundation’s annual convention will be hosted in Asuncion, Paraguay. This year’s gathering of global peace leaders entitled, “Road map for National Transformation: Liberty, Prosperity and Integrity through Moral and Innovative Leadership,” will focus on foundational principles and values needed for national development.   [Read More]


Most Recent

  • “As I reflect on the memories of my father, I think of the Korean people, who, like the salmon, need to return to their original hometown, the place of their birth to begin the next cycle of life. That place begins with our founding mythology of Dang ... [Read more]