Moral and Innovative Leadership
  • Moral and Innovative Leadership

  • “Moral leadership provides the roadmap for nation-building by outlining a vision rooted in universal principles and shared values, while innovative leadership provides the methods to realize that vision by harnessing man’s natural creative need to advance the human condition.They are two sides of the same coin." Dr. Hyun Jin Moon [Read More] 

  • Korean Dream

  • Dr. Moon's highly acclaimed book, written in Korean, posits a vision for Korean unification that harkens back to a shared ancient heritage that precedes the peninsula’s almost seventy-year division. This riveting book is a heartfelt call to Koreans and supporters everywhere to join the quest to bring peace to the region.  [Read More]

Vision of One Family Under God
  • Vision of One Family Under God

  • One Family Under God affirms the the fundamental truth that all people regardless of race, religion, nationality or tribe or ethnicity, are spiritual beings who share a common heritage of One God or One Creator. Without recognizing God at the center, the human family will remain unable to find the cohesion and harmony necessary for a world of lasting peace.  [Read More]

Latest Posts

  • The following remarks were delivered at the Civil Society forum on Korean Reunification on October 8th in Seoul, Korea by Mr. Michael Marshall, editor of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon’s book, The Korean Dream: A Vision for Unified Korea. Thank you Dr. ... [Read more]
  • “An anthropologist proposed a game to children in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the children that whoever got there first wins the whole basket of sweet fruits.  When he told them to run, they all took each othe ... [Read more]
  • A parent shamelessly calls in sick to an employer on behalf of their – ostensibly –  adult child, another accompanies their child to graduate school interviews. These and other stories illustrate the concepts of “helicopter” or “hothouse parenting”. ... [Read more]