• Korean Dream

  • Dr. Moon's highly acclaimed book, written in Korean, posits a vision for Korean unification that harkens back to a shared ancient heritage that precedes the peninsula’s almost seventy-year division. This riveting book is a heartfelt call to Koreans and supporters everywhere to join the quest to bring peace to the region.  [Read More]

  • National Transformation

  • “In today’s world, there are so many changes taking place simultaneously that only those societies that can develop a vision of the future are going to be able to handle them.” ~ Henry Kissinger  In the quest for good governance and sustainable development, most important is the guiding vision, principles and values.  [Read More]

  • Global Peace Convention

  • The Global Peace Foundation’s annual convention will be hosted in Asuncion, Paraguay. This year’s gathering of global peace leaders entitled, “Road map for National Transformation: Liberty, Prosperity and Integrity through Moral and Innovative Leadership,” will focus on foundational principles and values needed for national development.   [Read More]


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