• Global Leadership Network

  • Moral and innovative leaders from around the world are building partnerships to bring substance to the dream of peace. Every culture has examples of such men and women who have challenged existing paradigms and propelled humanity forward by exercising their God-given talents.  [Read More]

  • Spiritual Principles & Values

  • The foundation of Dr. Moon's approach to peace is the vision that all humanity is “One Family Under God.” By emphasizing principles and values common to most of the world's great faiths, he is building a platform for people of different backgrounds to work together for peace. [Read More]

  • Vision In Action

  • In small and large ways people are giving substance to the vision of "One Family Under God". A Malaysian child collects ten sen for a service project, a solar-lamp brings light and hope to a Filipino village, former heads of state in Latin America launch a regional movement for good governance.  [Read More]


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Tribute To My Father

  • Tributes

  • Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon touched all areas of the human experiences, and left a mark in all sectors o ... [Read more]