Korea at a Crossroads

“Korean identity, originating in the Dangun founding story and the Hongik Ingan ideal, and forged through harsh historical experience, is inseparable from Korea’s destiny.”  It is imperative that the recent populist protests not become just for the sake of change, but be the start of a national movement rooted in an enduring vision, time-tested principles and shared values.

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A Time for Bold Leadership

"A new global movement for change needs to arise, anchored in the past but bringing a fresh, new vision for the future.  This is a time for bold leadership, that is guided by a universal aspiration and tied to those time-tested principles and values that form the...
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Christmas Gifts that Last: It Started with a Shovel and a Pen

“In the home, peace is more than a concept or an ideal. It is visible, it is substantial, and can be felt emotionally, physically, spiritually. As such, it becomes a lived daily reality.” Dr. Jun Sook Moon, Chairwoman, Global Peace Women, Global Peace Convention 2014...
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Muslims and Christians find Peace through One Family under God Campaign

“We can come together in agreement because we share common principles and values that can move the human family forward in building a world of peace. And that is the great contribution of this great work.” Global Peace Leadership Conference Abuja 2013, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

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Thought Leadership

A leading social innovator promoting the vision of One Family under God.

Korean Dream

A cutting-edged approach to Korean Unification rooted in the shared spiritual heritage of the Korean people

Vision in Action

Advancing approaches to peacebuilding and development based on universal principles and shared values.


Inheriting the Legacy of Faith

"People of faith need to step back and reflect deeply on the true meaning of the original message taught by their founders... We who inherit traditions must be true to the ideal of peace under God expressed at the heart of their teachings." -Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon...

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All Lights Village Project Serves Humanity

“I wish my nation would be a nation that doesn’t just imitate others, but rather, be a nation that is the source of a new and higher culture. And thus true world peace would come from our nation. I wish peace would be achieved in our nation and from there to the...

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“The deciding factor at such times is always moral and innovative leadership, on every level.”

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon has promoted “moral and innovative leadership” as the key to tackling the unique and complex problems of our time.

“Today’s young people are growing up during a time of globalization. Their minds are not divided by nation or by culture. Their energy and idealism that can open up new opportunities.”


“In today’s world, there are so many changes taking place simultaneously that only those societies that can develop a vision of the future are going to be able to handle them.” ~ Henry Kissinger

National Transformation

“Moral leadership provides the roadmap for nation-building by outlining a vision rooted in universal principles and shared values, while innovative leadership provides the methods to realize that vision.”

Moral and Innovative Leadership

Global Leadership Network

We are One Family under God. This is the real idea that is going to push us to change the world. We can create a new world with sustainable peace and change the world in favor of humanity.

Vinicio Cerezo

Former President , Guatemala

To be a successful human being, it is not enough to be a professional success; you have to share and care. To share and care for your family is natural, but you have to share and care beyond your family.

Dr. Manu Chandaria OBE

Chairman and CEO, Comcraft Group