A Vision for a Unified Korea

by Hyun Jin Preston Moon


North Korea today is a rogue state threatening global peace and challenging the conscience of humanity. In the South, Koreans now face long-term social consequences from the pursuit of economic development at all costs. In Korean Dream, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon presents an innovative way forward on the Korean peninsula. He explains lucidly why Korean unification is the ultimate answer to security, economic, and social problems created through 70 years of division.  

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By clearly narrating that achieving unification is the first objective in fulfilling the Korean Dream, the book has shown us the task of our generation.

-Soon Kyung Hong

Chairperson , Committee for Democratization of North Korea


…I encourage readers to explore Korean Dream by Dr. Moon. It gives a cogent path to peace for the Koreas and the world.

-Harold E. Doley, Jr.

Founder, Doley Securities Group


The time is ripe for Korea to experience peace. Success is possible. Believe in the dream. Read the book.

Dr. Robert A. Schuller

Evangelist and Author


This book takes a wonderful outside-the-box approach to Korean unification. It highlights the author’s insights based on thorough knowledge and details and his vision of a new nation that can unite Korean people all over the world.

Dr. Jin Shin

ProfessorChungnam National University

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