Learning from Nature

In the wilderness, one comes to understand that there is an essence to life far greater than things in our material lives. The clearest evidence and greatest lessons about our essential spirituality are found in nature. That is why I go to the mountains when I want to reflect deeply and renew my spirit.

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Dr. Philip Jaisohn was a citizen of Philadelphia in the United States, but he was also honored as an advocate for Korean independence and human rights. Find out about the #KoreanDream and the incredible leadership of people like Dr. Jaisohn.

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There should be a transparent process where the #Korean people, in the South, North and diaspora are participating in the debate for #unification on the #KoreanPeninsula with the support of the international community. #KoreanDream ➡️ www.news-journal.com/ap/national/koreans-rally-for-peaceful-reunification-in-seoul/article_08c225... ... See MoreSee Less

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