Approach to Peacebuilding

Advancing a Movement for Peace based on the
Vision of One Family under God

A peace-building vision rooted in universal principles and values is an essential foundation for peace. Such a framework for peace can advance new avenues for track-two diplomacy that fully engages the value-generating institutions of civil society.

Thanksgiving Lessons on Unity

Thanksgiving Lessons on Unity The United States observes Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November. Most every citizen acknowledges the national holiday as a day to express gratitude for the blessings in their lives, enjoying time...

The Unfinished Movement: March 1, 1919

The Unfinished Movement: March 1, 1919

March 1, 1919 was the first peaceful protest in a series of Korean citizen-led demonstrations that expressed the spirit of the times: the deeply-rooted longing of a people to make their own choices and to determine their own fates. Many nations (China,...