Latin American Presidential Mission

Latin American Presidential Mission published its June report.

In its June report,the Latin American Presidential Mission covered the recent conference on “Governance, Ethics and Development” held in Asuncion, Paraguay from June 10-13.

The conference addressed critical issue of Latin American Development such as:

            1. The importance of international investment and economic endeavors in Latin America
            2. The challenges of democratic consolidation
            3. Development and regional democratic sustainability
            4. Economic integration with ethics without ideological prejudices
            5. And investment in social development.

The report also has candid photos of the Day of Peace in the Chaco commemoration where the former presidents of Paraguay (Juan Carlos Wasmosy) and Bolivia (Carlos Mesa) embraced in peace and brotherhood, and the impromptu trip to the Itaipu Dam development project, courtesy of former President Wasmosy.

Five former presidents, members of the Latin American Presidential Mission, offered their experience, testimony and leadership to foster international cooperation and regional development.

Read the report in Spanish:

Or download the full Latin American Presidential Mission Report on the International Conference.