“A clear national vision, rooted in fundamental spiritual principles and shared moral values, is the essential starting point for national transformation.” —GPF Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon

With powerful case studies from Latin America and exploration in light of the mounting possibility of the unification of North and South Korea, the Economic and Business Forum will gather significant leaders in government, nonprofit, and business sectors to discuss the “Roadmap for Economic Dynamism and Prosperity” at the 2017 Global Peace Convention in the Philippines.

Economic transformation does not begin within organizations or financial institutions. Rather, the door to sustainable economic development is opened by a nation’s foundational principles and values that translate into initiatives that promote social transformation, leading to greater political and social stability. It is only by first becoming owners of a grand vision that a people with a shared identity can begin to significantly and permanently alleviate political and economic disparities within their nation.

A vision powerful enough to transcend the differences of a diverse people is needed as a unifying and guiding force. Dr. Moon has advanced the vision of One Family under God through the work of Global Peace Foundation and it has translated to practical application of principles and values in regions around the world. Individuals have become owners of this dream to uplift human dignity and fundamental freedoms, sparking social engagement as a catalyst for political change leading to stability. Political stability sets the foundation for economic development that is sustainable and benefits all people. Change begins in the hearts of people with common ideals and respect for our value as members of the same global family.

Leaders gather at the Global Peace Economic Forum

Political, business, and non-profit leaders gather at the Global Peace Economic Forum in Korea to discuss peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula.

Dr. Moon has been advancing an alternative model of development that begins with a vision and the principles and values that undergird it.

We have come to a time in history where economic reform is not only relevant, but also necessary. Extreme income disparity and shortage of a strong middle class have left societies unstable throughout the world. War and civil disorder sidetrack development resources for military and security use, depriving investment and long-term development. The human costs cannot be measured—disease, displacement, poverty and destruction of infrastructure.

Dr. Moon will be joining other experts in the Philippines, an appropriate host as the new 2017 chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the fourth largest exporting region in the world, for the Economic and Business Forum during the 2017 Global Peace Convention. The region is a complex place to do business but brings with it compelling opportunities for broad collaboration; opportunities that will be explored in the variety of roundtables conducted at the Convention.

Speakers include such distinguished representatives as Ambassador Youngmok Kim, the Former President of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA); visionary media entrepreneur, Kartikeya Sharma; and Aileen Clemente, recipient of the first Global Peace Awards for Empowered Women in Tourism.

Peace is a precondition of prosperity and economic activity thrives in an environment of political and social stability. The business community has a vital role to play in promoting peaceful commerce for the welfare of all people.

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