1st Visionaries meeting in June, 2013 at KCA University.

1st Visionaries meeting in June, 2013 at KCA University.

Global Peace Foundation announced the latest project of it’s Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI), a program called Leap Hubs, “Entrepreneurship & Leadership Incubators in Schools”.

Leap Hubs is a mentoring program build upon the core belief that “high school and university students are capable of learning successful leadership and entrepreneurship skills at a young age for economic independence, self-reliance and social impact for themselves and the larger community.”

The program provides “Hubs” where supportive and positive role models encourage innovative. The involvement of universities, businesses and community organizations open resources and avenues for entrepreneurial advancement.

It is supported through a partnership between GPF Kenya, Africa Nazarene University and CCI schools such as Moi Forces Academy, Buru-Buru Girls’ Secondary School and Alliance High School.

Leap Hubs, features students like 17 year old Brian Kirotich and 18 year old Martin Siele of Alliance High School in Kiambu County, Kenya. The two students invested their own time and capital to create a learning module called eMasomo. Their hope is that is can be used as a learning aid, particularly with students who are struggling with their academics.  And Stephen Njoroga, who has been dubbed, “Mattai’s successor.” Stephen and his We Care Club has planted over 10,000 trees to better the environment.

The CCI program is operating in Kenya, Uganda, and Paraguay with tangible results. Not only has it boosted academic moral,  it has been effectively transforming the school culture, as examples like the 1% club that encourages students of Moi Forces Academy to donate 1% of their time, money and talent to their school and community. It is a cooperative efforts between teachers, students, administrators, parents and the community to cultivate essential values for success in life.

Executive Director, LeadIn; VP, Global Peace Foundation, Tony Devine, likes to point out, “A person’s character quotient plus creativity quotient exceeds their intelligent quotient.” CCI is ensuring that the next generation of business, academic, political and media leaders are equipped with all three competencies.

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