Dr. Moon just concluded his trip to Paraguay. His schedule was full of activities and meetings to define the direction of the future of Paraguay and Latin America with the leadership of the region.

ABC Color and NewsIs published numerous articles on the events and meetings that Dr. Moon attended.

When Dr. Moon first began working in Paraguay in 2008, it was met with some reservation. However, five years since the first Global Peace Festival, and the continued efforts of GPF and its partners on projects for development, good governance, youth education, women empowerment and so forth, have created a groundswell of local and high level support for an integrated effort to revitalize Paraguay the Americas centered on a common vision.
The article entitled, “Rev. Moon’s son offers support for country to become model in the region”, illustrates this positive reception.

Below are some of the articles in their original language. Translations of the stories will  follow.
 News Coverage of Dr. Moon's Trip to Paraguay Articles:


breakfast meeting Breakfast meeting with former Latin American presidents and the current president of Paraguay, Federico Franco, in which they discussed strategies on how to develop and raise the country of Paraguay out of poverty:


 Dr. Moon calls on political, business, media and civil society leaders to spark a hemispheric movement for peace. International Conference on  “Governance, Ethics, and Development” in Asuncion:



 meeting with cartes Dr. Moon meets with president-elect Horacio Cartes

  Dr. Moon meets with Mayor of Asuncion, Arnaldo Samaniego:


Dr. Moon receiving recognition as a Distinguished Visitor of Asuncion (given by mayor):