2010, October 6-7 Bali, Indonesia – Youth peacemakers from Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe gathered in Bali for the Interfaith Summit 2012 entitled, “New Interfaith Paradigm for the 21stCentury”, hosted in

Youth Peacemakers Make Interfaith Connections in Bali

Youth leaders representing diverse faith communities gathered to make interfaith connection in Bali and dialogue.

collaboration with the Global Peace Festival Indonesia Foundation (GPFIF) and the Indonesia Youth Forum (IYF). The three day program was designed to expand participants’ leadership capacities. Participants were challenged to connect across their diverse faith traditions and concurrently discover common principles and values as a foundation for cooperation and understanding.  Today’s diverse world needs innovative models of interfaith that integrates diversity and forges consensus. Bali was a fitting backdrop for the Summit. Indonesia’s motto, Bhineka Tunggal Ika, “Unity in Diversity,” appropriately describes this nation of six state religions and even more ethnicities, nationalities and cultures. Indonesia’s diverse population builds its common identity upon the Pancasila, five principles that define Indonesia’s ethic. Intercultural and interreligious cooperation is possible because of these shared principles. Minister of Youth Sport of Republic Indonesia, Bapak Andi Mallarangeng gave the welcoming remarks. He cited Indonesia’s motto and the vision of “One Family Under God” to express that differences are not barriers, but part of the diversity in the unity of the human race. He encouraged the youth, as future leaders, to welcome the opportunity to discover each other’s uniqueness and find ways to work together. Other presenters included representatives from the Norwegian and U.S. Embassies to Indonesia, members of Indonesian ministries and parliament, as well as leaders from notable NGOs. On behalf of Dr. Moon, Founder and Chair of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), International President Mr. Young Jun Kim presented GPF’s approach to interfaith cooperation. The precursor to his presentation expressed Dr. Moon’s commitment to youth leadership and its unrivaled capacity to dream big. Mr. Kim explained that the aspiration for a peaceful and prosperous world is the hope of most religious people, and the starting point of GPF’s interfaith work. He described how this vision empowers people across the board with fundamental human rights and freedoms, as rights given by God and not any human institution. The conference concluded with a peace declaration. Participants committed to “strengthen respect, trust, tolerance and cooperation among the people of Asia pacific and other countries with diverse cultures and religions.”