Dr. Hyun Jin Moon. founder of the Global Peace Foundation has often expressed that nature is his first school and place of worship.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon has often expressed that nature is his first school and place of worship.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon has often shared his love for nature, what he calls his first school and place of worship.

Recently he expressed, “I love creation because it puts things into perspective.” When one stands in front of the majesty and harshness of nature, the most essential things in life become apparent.

Experienced climbers only bring the bare essentials. In the mountains, one’s favorite pajamas and favorite blanket become extra weight. Extra weight means one will cover less distance in a day.

How does that translate to life? In life one has to decide, “Do I need this? Do I really want to be held down by unnecessary things? Or do I want to live an unencumbered, rich, and expansive life?”  

What are the essentials one should carry in a happy life?

For one, one should make sure to pack gratitude and humility. Peace and happiness are not found in the highest places, they are found in the valleys.

Out in the woods, when there is near to nothing, one can be grateful for even the smallest conveniences, like toilet paper. Gratitude and humility help find happiness in the shadows.

Another essential to bring along in life is a good attitude. In the wilderness it becomes quickly apparent that unexpected circumstances are inevitable.

For example, in Montana sudden hail storms are not uncommon even in the summer. If one exposed when the storm arrives, death could be imminent. Crying about it will make no difference. What will determine life or death is attitude.

It has been proven that most people who die in the wilderness give up first. Those who survive refuse to give up. They win a psychological and mental battle.  At the end of the day, human beings have the capacity to overcome whatever challenges they face. It is a God-given gift. Dr. Moon stated, “If I change my attitude, I change my perspective. I have the power to determine the course I walk in my life.”

Regardless of the situation, one can choose to be defined by the circumstance or overcome the circumstance. Everyone has a choice of how they engage with challenge.  How one decides to face the challenge defines their greatness.

Where else, but in nature can such lessons be garnered?  Such experiences are powerful metaphors for life.