landscape in Montana, Dr. Moon with his daughters

Contemplating the landscape in Montana with my children.

Nature is my place of worship. High on a summit after scaling steep slopes and rocky faces, I have met God.

There, the ground is barren; nothing can survive that high.  The wind blows unhindered, ready to sweep me off the pinnacle. Below, the jagged rocks look up. Above, the sky leans in so close and boundless that I can almost touch it.

When I am surrounded by the majesty of God’s creation things come into perspective. In that windswept lonely place, stripped of everything, the only place of solace and comfort is  in God’s embrace of true love. I find humility and gratitude for everything He has blessed me with.

Such experiences stay with you.

Even when you come down from the mountains, whatever trials and challenges you face, you remember that you do not stand alone.