What is the universal standard of leadership?

Some think that leadership is defined by position. Yet even the president of a company is not automatically a leader. Some think that leadership is about money or influence. Yet there are many affluent people that are not respected.

At the end of the day true leadership comes from vision. If you’re standing in the front leading, you have to know where you’re going. It is leadership, or lack thereof, that determines the outcome, whether it is positive or negative.

True leadership is also moral. People want leaders of principle. Leaders have to be people of integrity and transparency in order to gain the trust and honor of the people. They have to be thoughtful not to lead people on fool’s errands. They have to be people who can lead through their example.

In a democratic society, it is paramount to raise citizens who can become leaders with integrity. The legitimacy and sustainability of any free society relies on its ability to raise ethical or moral citizens, guided by a shared vision, principles and values.

So, once again, what is the universal standard of leadership?

The fundamental qualities of leadership are inherent in the values that exhibit the qualities befitting a member of God’s family.