As the National Youth Summit begins, it is fitting to recall the commitments made in 2010, and the vision that brought multiple sectors from all over the world together to define a Kenyan and African Dream.

Dr. Moon signing the Nairobi Declaration.

Dr. Moon joins other leaders, Dr. Chandaria, Sir, James Mancham and Hon. Jose DeVenecia to sign the Nairobi Declaration.

At the close of the Global Peace Convention 2010, Heads of State and dignitaries from over 40 nations signed the Nairobi Declaration.

Dr. Moon said of the occasion, “I am stuck with the significance of this moment, a moment when a dream could be planted that sparks the imagination of a nation, region, continent and the world.”

The Nairobi Declaration, presented by the Global Leadership Council and Host Committee, is an affirmation of central principles of peace and a commitment to eight articles, action measures to secure peace and prosperity for the nation of Kenya and the continent of Africa.

To this day, the signers of that Declaration are carrying out the articles.  

Article 4, makes a particular commitment to developing and empowering youth. It affirms “Our resolution to work collaboratively with government, the business sector and civil entities to promote innovative community-driven development and youth entrepreneurship initiatives.” To this end the Global Peace Foundation, the Global Peace Youth Corps, and their partners have created youth initiatives for character competency, leadership development and entrepreneurship.

May the youth summit build on the recognition that “youth are an untapped source of energy which can be directed towards developing competence to provide peaceful service to nation.”


Global Peace Convention
November 19, 2010

ACKNOWLEDGING the sovereignty of Almighty God, the source of inalienable rights of all members of the human family, and the basis for the equality, dignity and intrinsic value of all people as One Family under

AFFIRMING the central role of universal moral principles and values that strengthen families, the basic building blocks of a stable and prosperous society;

RECOGNIZING that without shared values there can be no peace, and thus no way to sustain development;

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that the youth are an untapped source of energy which can be directed towards developing competence to provide peaceful service to nations;

THE NAIROBI DECLARATION Global Peace Convention November 19, 2010

Youth leaders also signed the declaration

AFFIRMING our commitment to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and the UN Millennium Development Goals as well as new models of community-driven development; We therefore, as African and international delegates from more than 40 nations with diverse cultural traditions, determined to take charge of our destiny, jointly proclaim our Resolutions to:

Article 1. Create the basis for lasting peace, as a fundamental condition for development, by promoting the universal principles and values all cultures aspire to as One Family under God.

Article 2. Strengthen the shared vision and alliances within the African Union to foster enhanced political and economic integration and collaborative peace-building measures, along with other regional economic blocs. Promote a Regional Peace Service Corps to address critical human needs.

Article 3. Promote character education programs to advance moral and character competency as essential complements to intellectual development.

Article 4. Work collaboratively with government, the business sector and civil society entities to promote innovative community-driven development and youth entrepreneurship initiatives.

Article 5. Promote interfaith and cross-cultural initiatives that foster understanding and social cohesion based on the common spiritual heritage of all people.

Article 6. Support grassroots conservation, health and agricultural programs, such as Rivers of Peace, that link service, responsible environmental stewardship, and peace.

Article 7. Promote Global Peace Festivals and other regional and local forums as well as sports, cultural and artistic projects as expressions of human solidarity.

Article 8. Establish an annual Head-of-State-sponsored Global Peace Convention to measure progress on peace and development initiatives and to advance new partnerships.