“This natural world is our common home, a blessing to all people for our mutual benefit. Therefore it is our shared responsibility to care for our environment, use resources in wise and sustainable ways, and conserve the bounty of nature for the well-being of present and future generations. When we live in accordance with universal laws and in harmony with the natural world, we can best tap the resourceful energy of human creativity. Innovative leadership focuses that energy to find new and inventive approaches to solve problems and create new opportunities.” —Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon

Many Global Peace Foundation programs incorporate a culture of service and environmental conservation into the moral and innovative leadership education of young people around the world. Leadership that considers the concerns of the entire human family, especially in preserving the natural environment we share, can best promote a higher quality of life for our entire human family, and lay the groundwork for sustainable peace. One example of this impactful process is GPF Kenya, which is establishing tree nurseries at schools nurtured by students and representatives from partners in the local communities.

In an ongoing effort to protect environmental conservation, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya is working with partners to establish tree nurseries.

Tree saplingsKey partners met in January 2024 to inspect one tree nursery at Lenana School. The Lenana School tree nursery is one of eleven tree nurseries slated for establishment in 2024. This collaborative effort underscores a commitment to environmental sustainability and aligns with the national tree-growing strategy, aiming to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

The tree nursery initiative plays a crucial role in fostering the growth of saplings, which will, in turn, contribute to the realization of the ambitious target set by the national tree-growing strategy. The initiative focuses on the quantity and quality of the trees being planted, ensuring that they thrive and make a lasting impact on the environment.

The many partners have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

GPF Kenya has been a driving force in promoting peace and social development, becoming an instrumental partner in initiatives like this one that address global challenges.

The Global Peace Foundation and its partners’ joint efforts in establishing the tree nursery at Lenana School exemplify a model of collaboration for a shared vision. As they align with the national tree-growing strategy, the initiative not only contributes to the country’s environmental goals but also stands as a testament to the collective impact that can be achieved through strategic partnerships.

The original post appears on Global Peace Foundation. Global Peace Foundation is an international non-sectarian, non-partisan, nonprofit organization, which promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peacebuilding, guided by the vision of One Family under God. GPF engages and organizes a global network of public and private-sector partners who develop community, national, and regional peacebuilding models as the foundation for ethical and cohesive societies. Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is the founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation.