The Dream of One Family

Are people born to hate? Or do they learn?

If a five-year-old Muslim child, Jewish child, and Christian child met at a sand box, would they look at each other and say “I hate you”?

If a black child, white child and yellow child played in the same sandbox, do you think they would look at each other and say, “I hate you because you are black,” or  “I hate you because you are white,” and  “I hate you because you are yellow?”

No. They would be happy that there are other children to play with. It would be lonely with no other children in that sandbox. There is comfort and happiness in the presence of others.

Human beings are born to love. We need to love.

But how is it that when the Muslim child, Jewish child, and Christian child, grow into adults, into men, they hate their brothers from different religions?

Hatred is learned. But it is not taught by God. Hatred is learned when one remains ignorant to the fact that we are all members of the same family.

This is the dream that righteous men and women have pursued. It is the dream of all people—all races: black, white, yellow, and brown, all religions: Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist…., and all nationalities, living together as one family under God.

GPF is building a coalition of such men and women who are dispelling the ignorance that breeds hatred along man-made divisions. They are working together to secure this ageless dream.


(This post was composed from excerpts of a speech given by Dr. Moon in 2007, during an inter-religious speaking tour through the United States of America)