GPF-Malaysia recently was recognized for its efforts for peace and unity by the Malaysian government.  This is a testament to the on going work of GPF-Malaysia and its partners. Peace building is an on going effort and requires the dedication and passion of many individuals. This recognition extends to all who are working towards the vision of One Family under God.

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The following is the report from GPF:

Global Peace Festival (GPF) Malaysia was honored by the government on June 29, 2013 as the leading NGO working to promote peace and unity in Malaysia. GPF Malaysia was specifically recognized for its on-going youth empowerment and peace-building campaigns in the Southeast Asian nation of 29 million. Y.B. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Kurup, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, presented the special award to GPF Malaysia’s Chairman, Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha Ismail, at a ceremony.

In his speech, Y.B. Tan Sri Joseph Kurup said that it is essential to preserve peace, even in times of peace. As a result of the recent general elections, he noted, many took to the streets with illegal rallies and protests. He expressed hope that the Sambutan Minggu Perpaduan, GPF Malaysia’s national reconciliation program, will become a community platform to repair any ill feelings or negative sentiments.

GPF Malaysia also represented NGOs at the signing ceremony of a memorandum which aims to strengthen partnerships between government agencies, the private sector, NGOs and community organizations to promote unity and harmony in the country.

GPF Malaysia’s national and international campaigns include:


          • Power of 10 Sen, a program to aid children in war-torn countries, educate the underprivileged, and provide clean water to communities in need;
          • Midnight Football, a program to guide and inspire at-risk youth to unleash their potential;
          • Global Peace Volunteers,  on-going community service programs for undergraduates to foster the spirit of volunteerism;
          • International and Asian Youth Exchange, a platform for youth and student leaders to share ideas and experiences, and learn to accept and embrace diversity as a building block of peace.

Malaysia will host the 2013 Global Peace Convention, “Unity in Diversity: Building Social Cohesion for Sustainable Peace through Universal Aspirations, Principles and Values,” on December 5-8, 2013.

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