Through the International Youth Assembly and Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC) the next generation is building a movement on college campuses and communities to secure peace through the vision of One Family Under God.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon addresses youth in Nepal prior to an environmental clean-up project.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon addresses youth in Nepal prior to an environmental clean-up project.

An essential of GPYC’s leadership training is attitude. Through hands-on service and social development projects, outdoor leadership training, and international leadership programs, members learn how to face challenges with an attitude that can secure success.

At the end of the day, people have one-hundred-percent control over their attitude in the face of life’s circumstances.

An attitude of humility and gratitude enables one to grow and learn from challenges.
• Gratitude for life, for hope, for every big and small blessing in life, including life’s challenges.
• Humility to recognize one’s limits and continually push past those limits to learn and grow towards a higher standard and a better self.
On the contrary, an attitude of self-pity leads to self-destruction and an attitude of arrogance is blinding.

Challenges are an indication of growth. During adolescence, the body experiences growing pains; it is the same in life. Without challenges, there is no growth. The right attitude enables a person to overcome and grow from challenge rather than be defeated.

Dr. Moon has spoken and worked with youth of emerging countries in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, as well as the inner cities of developing nations such as the United States and Korea.

He has observed that young people have the greatest capacity to dream big. They are not held back by past enmities or realities. Even when they have nothing, they dream that somehow, someway the world will become better.

This is the vision that has driven the great leaders and transformers of this age. Regardless of the challenges, they held onto this dream and eventually changed the world.

Attitude keeps this vision alive and moving humanity forward.