Moral and Innovative Leadership in 2018

Moral and Innovative Leadership has been the deciding factor in addressing the most challenging issues of our time.

Based on a common vision and shared values, leaders were able to come together from around the world, across barriers of nationality, religion, and culture to work together to build One Family under God.

1. The 2018 Global Peace Leadership Conference hosted in Kampala, Uganda, highlighted the potential of African countries to create new models of peace and development driven by moral and innovative leadership.

2. Thousands of youth gathered at the United Nations headquarters in New York City for the International Young Leaders Assembly for a Global Youth Summit to band together as a global network of moral and innovative leaders.

3. Ongoing extremism prevention workshops in Tanzania are helping youth turn away from violence and take control of the future of their country. This is made possible through the collaborative efforts of teachers and professionals who are mentoring students in their community with leadership programs organized by the Global Peace Foundation.