Just as recently as 2017, lives were shattered, crops were lost and children were unable to attend school in Kaninkon, a community in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Yet, throughout 2018 this same community has begun to plan community programs and activities between those who once were in fierce and bitter conflict. This, we see, is only possible when both parties were able to see for themselves the reality that they are part of One Family Under God.

Community-Driven Peacebuilding in 2018

Local models from around the world allow a closer look at the validity and efficacy of the One Family under God approach to applying universal principles and shared values to different contexts. The programs are not looking to make carbon copy communities, but in fact seek the opposite: to encourage and inspire the development of uniquely local models of peace and community-building.

1. Nigeria’s One Family under God Campaign is helping secure peace in Southern Kaduna state through the collaboration of leaders from different faiths, traditional rulers, and representatives from the government and local security agencies.

2. In Indonesia, Muslim and Christian youth participate in Peace Talks, allowing them to share their stories and experiences of tolerance and diversity in their communities as it relates to Indonesia’s principles of democracy.

Building the model of One Family under God was found in Nigeria, Indonesia, India, and many other countries around the world.