We have to be bold and break new ground in order to articulate a meaningful vision for peace.

The last century taught us the futility of tackling the world’s problems through the same old military, economic, political and diplomatic solutions. Dealing with only the symptoms of global crisis and conflict and ignoring the root cause just will not work.

Conflict begins when we fail to follow the dictates of our conscience and fail to recognize our common heritage in God.

A Spiritually Rooted Vision for Peace

We are all tied as one family under God.

When we consider the number of wars and conflicts that continue to plague humanity, it is clear that the world undeniably needs a new vision of peace for the 21stCentury.

Unlike the secular thinking of our past, the new vision for peace should be spiritually rooted in time-enduring values. I have seen this vision ignite men and women of conscience around the world to step over their differences and join hands to work for the good of humanity. This vision is that we are all tied as one family under God.