A report was recently published by Global Poomashi –Indonesia. Particularly moving was their service projects. This program was not just an international cross cultural exchange, it was a joint service venture that broke down national and socioeconomic barriers.

Even though their time was short, volunteers carried out innovative service projects to address many social needs. They raised funds for the Power of Rupiah campaign, visited an orphanage to deliver sports equipment from the Dream Box Project, and visited an elderly home with the orphans. The volunteers did not just serve the orphans, they empowered them to serve.

There is something deeply spiritual in serving others. People serve because of the drive to do good and because of the connection that is felt with the rest of humanity. When people serve, a transformation that leads to peace is begun. When young leaders from enemy nations work side by side in service, any barriers of misunderstandings and hatred fade away as they sweat, cry and laugh together with a common purpose.

The pictures of a volunteer feeding his Indonesian grandmother and another volunteer putting her Indonesian baby sister to sleep demonstrate that when people serve together, everyone is able to see each others’ true value from God’s eyes. It is realized that before anyone is Korean, Indonesian or American, Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, black white, brown or yellow, all human beings are members of one family under God.

These volunteers have earned the key to peace. They have unlocked the power of service for peace by living for the sake of others.

Thank you volunteers of Global Poomashi. Thank you for investing your sweat, your tears, your time and heart into securing the dream of peace for this and future generations.

report on Global Poomashi-Indonesia

The page from the report on Global Poomashi-Indonesia that features their service work.