Waiting on the world to change?

The world is waiting on you.

“We the people” make transformation happen.

The first step is to own the process. We have to be engaged in building our neighborhoods, our communities, our nations, our world. We have to participate. We have to lead. Long-lasting development is a result of grassroots engagement.

But where do we start?

We can start by serving.

Service taps into our innate creativity. It brings resources and people together in collaborative efforts that pursue shared aspirations. It makes us owners of solutions, not just participants of history. It uplifts our dignity, recognizing our potential and value. It acknowledges our desire to make the world better for each other, and gives us an opportunity to invest in that desire.

Service fuels locally owned social entrepreneurship and community driven development to effectively address the most challenging human problems.

Service is also a powerful instrument for peace, understanding, and personal transformation. It breaks down barriers between people in conflict by animating a vision of mutual prosperity and putting shared values into action.

You can start today, in any small or large way. Become an owner of a solution.

Roll up your sleeves and serve.

The world is waiting for you.