Tulips Bloom on Capitol Hill in Washington

UPI/Kevin Dietsch

I am launching my blog just as we welcome spring here in North America.

Spring represents many things — new hope, new life.

Our world faces a tremendous opportunity. In one sense we are emerging from the harsh and bitter cold of winter and ushering in spring.  It is a chance for new life and rejoicing.

Over the last few years we have witnessed unimaginable, global transformations. We have seen the meltdown of our former global financial system that has made us return to the basic foundations of our society, strengthening our communities and families. We saw devastation from natural disasters all over the globe in Haiti, Japan and China.  At the same time we saw the world come together to heal and rebuild these nations, affirming that we are all connected as one human family.

It is often these hardships that cultivate character. It is when we have nothing that we are able to focus on cultivating the spiritual elements that are really the source of our riches and wealth. Nations have been reborn after centuries of strife, like Kenya and its new Constitution. It has stirred in all of us an age old hope for a world where all people could live with dignity and prosperity.

So, I see that we are on a threshold of a new age. Through these challenges, at the end of the day, we as a global family can find new awakening, new determination, and a new commitment and faith that will bring about a springtime of hope, strength, energy, vitality for our world.

– Hyun Jin Moon