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Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is a credible moral force for peace, security and reconciliation in Northeast Asia and the world…In this book, he shares his vision to bring about re-unification in the Korean Peninsula and actually, he mobilizes units of civil society in Track II diplomacy to reduce conflict, strengthen families and communities, and in small but appreciable ways, contribute to mankind’s economic and social development.

Jose De Venecia

Former five-time Speaker, Philippine House of Representative

As a personal friend of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, I can tell you that he has a sincere reverence and love for humankind. In the depth of his soul is a desire to create peace throughout the world. Korea is at the top of his list. His vision for a unified Korea is contagious. His insights and plans need to be implemented. The time is ripe for Korea to experience peace. Success is possible. Believe in the dream. Read the book.

Dr. Robert A. Schuller

Evangelist and Author

Korean Dream is a book that works on unification in a bigger context. Author Hyun Jin Moon points out the need for the “start of serious discussions concerning the principles and values that will be the founding principle of the new nation to be born.” In other words, discussion of government political and economic systems are secondary matters…Commenting on the need for a discussion about the appearance of our future nation after unification prior to the discussing the process of unification is indeed an excellent idea.

Geo-il Bok


What sets Moon’s approach different from others is that he steps past the ideological politics of a divided Korea by appealing to a historic Korean identity. Additionally Moon is also calling for moving the issue beyond international diplomacy to include the Korean people through a movement of civil society organizations. In short, Koreans must have ownership in any change on the peninsula. (Read full review)

Israel Ortega

Senior Writer, Opportunity Lives

I would like to congratulate Hyun Jin Moon on the publication of Korean Dream. From my experience, I can testify that Dr. Moon’s emphasis on unification based on a common dream that is good for all, and sound universal and transcendent principles that emphasize both rights and responsibilities, will be required if the unification of Korea, or any state divided by ethnicity, religion, ideology, or political party, is to be realized.

Sir James R. Mancham

Founding President, Republic of Seychelles

This book takes a wonderful outside-the-box approach to Korean unification. It highlights the author’s insights based on thorough knowledge and details and his vision of a new nation that can unite Korean people all over the world. His insights connect present political challenges and Korean identity to his vision of practical benefits – security and economic growth that unification could bring. This book is worthy of being a good college textbook.

Dr. Jin Shin

Professor, Chungnam National University

Korean Dream is the future for a united Korea. It will bring peace and prosperity to the Korean peninsula while benefiting the Northeast region and the world as a unified nation. By giving a detailed analysis with regards to it and proposing specific solutions to actualize them, the book has become a precious book that explicitly showed us our goal. Without unification, world peace is unattainable… By clearly narrating that achieving unification is the first objective in fulfilling the Korean Dream, the book has shown us the task of our generation.

Soon Kyung Hong

Chairperson , Committee for Democratization of North Korea

Korean Dream…speaks about the unification of a Korean nation in the larger context of world history and in the history of civilizations…By practicing ‘Hongik Ingan,’ the spiritual symbol and the calling of our nation, we will be able to unite, and thus, the world can become one family. ‘Benefiting All Mankind’ is the ideal of our nation and I believe that it’s [Dr. Moon’s] dream to achieve a ‘large global family that sings of permanent peace.’ And such is the conclusion of Korean Dream. “A dream dreamt by everyone becomes reality. Korean Dream is an invitation to such a dream.”

Jin Gon Lee

Professor , Department of Political Science and Diplomacy

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The Korean Readers’ Newspaper (독석신문) awarded Korean Dream as Book of the Year in the society category for the year 2014. Read more


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