Korea United brings new approaches to Korean unification.

  • Up to now the discussion for unification has been among leaders. Mainly political and military representatives sat at the negotiating table.
    • Korea United is opening the discussion to every citizen.
  • Up to now Korean unification has been a slow and distant process. Road maps use decades and call on mostly political and economic institutions.
    • Korea United believes that unification starts NOW and needs everyone’s effort.
  • Up to now Korean division has been seen as a clash between communism and democracy.
    • Korea United sees the shared principles and values of Korea’s common history as the starting place of unification. For example, the ancient philosophy of Hongik ingan (living for the benefit of mankind) is honored in both North and South Korea.

400 civic organizations are partnering in activities like:

Power of 1000 Won

Activities like the Power of 1000 Won are giving opportunities for Koreans to make unification a part of their daily lives.

  1. Unification Pledge Campaign: The goal is millions of signatures and awareness that unification is in everyone’s hands.
  2. The Power of 1000 won : Collect 1000 won a day for a cause. The goal is to instill the culture of service into everyday life, particularly for young people. In one project, elementary school students raised funds for bakeries in North Korea so children their age could have fresh bread.
  3. Unification Project Contest : The contest invites college students to submit their ideas on how they can contribute to unification. Winning ideas will be awarded cash prizes and shared to with the U-Generation (Unification Generation).

Everyone can contribute to unification. Everyone can start now.