Children from Kikuyu, Kisii, and Kalenjin tribes at the new GPFF-supported school in Molo.

Molo is a town in Kenya’s Rift Valley. In 2007, it experienced the brunt of the ethnic violence that followed the presidential election. Thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Today in Molo grass grows over the remains of a school that was burnt to the ground by rival tribes. Next to it stands a new school. Its sponsor had one condition, that the school teach members of all tribes.

In the same classroom, children of former enemy tribes, Kikuyu, Luos, Kisii and Kalnjin, sit side by side working together towards the future. They serve as a reminder that young people have an astounding capacity to dream big, to see beyond past enmities, and reach for something better.

No matter where they come from, whether it is Africa, Malaysia, the United States, or Korea, young people have shown hope and possibility even if they have nothing. Their most valuable resource is their future and their dreams for a better world.

It shows the enduring vision and dream that lives on in the human spirit. And it is inspiring to continue investing in the youth of our world. Each generation possesses the seeds of the vision of peace to plant for the next generation to carry on.