Leaders signing their pledge towards Korean unification

I am inspired by this event that launched this historic pledge drive for reunification.

GPF Korea just had a monumental event at the National Assembly Building. I want to commend Korea for these remarkable efforts.

On Thursday, May 3, 2012, national leaders, grassroots organizations and NGOs, many who work closely with the issue of Korean unification, students and young leaders launched a national pledge drive for Korea Unification. It was followed with a dynamic forum on Korean unification.The campaign brings the issue of Korea’s unification into the daily lives of every Korean with a simple question: “If Korea were united, what would you pledge to do?”

The issue of unification of the Korean peninsula is not a distant issue unrelated to our daily lives. It is intimately connected to how we live. The campaign is built on the notion that if we begin building the culture of sharing, supporting, and service now, we can determine the culture of the unified nation.

Electronic Korean unification pledge

Pledge now and build the culture of service and love for the unified Korea.

Therefore, the pledge asks, from today, “What will you pledge to do?” Will you donate 1000 won and help the bread factory in North Korea? Will you donate to provide lights to villages in the Philippines? Will you join one of the many local or even international projects that are aiming to build a culture of service in Korea?

If we envision a unified Korea filled with the culture of family, the culture of love, we have to instill that culture in our daily lives starting now.


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