Grow Deep Roots

Each height on the mountain supports a particular plant life. The higher you go, the plants are shorter but their roots are stronger.

In the mountains, each height has unique plant life. The base of the mountain is abundant with trees. But higher up, above the tree line, the landscape becomes barren.

Still, many plants and flowers thrive at those heights. The plants aren’t tall, but their root systems anchor them to the ground. Some plants even entwine their roots around rocks. Because of their hearty roots, they can survive the difficult environment.

When you’re young, it is important to grow deep roots like the plants at the top of the mountain. More than growing tall in your accomplishments, it’s important to deepen your conviction of your fundamental values.

Especially if you dream big, your roots—your conviction in who you are and your principles and values — are important. This is because dreams are like mountains. The bigger they are, the more challenges you have to overcome.

You need solid roots that ground and nourish you. They will give you the strength to fulfill your dreams.