“The dream of peace cannot be achieved without the support of women who constitute half of the world’s population.  The original nature and the experience of women strengthen social activities and are essential to realizing the dream of establishing One Family under God.” Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Launch of Global Peace Women, Global Peace Convention 2011


In 2011, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and his wife, Dr. Jun Sook Moon launched Global Peace Women to give voice to women and ensure their indispensable contribution to the dream of peace.

Since then, Global Peace Women has grown into an international network of women that encompasses the grass roots and high level, and diverse religions, cultures and races. Women have converged around a vision that “encompasses the aspirations of the human heart, and finds expression in universal principles and shared values that bear fruit in qualities of character”.

Dr. Jun Sook Moon has called on these women – daughters, sisters, wives, mothers and grandmothers – to instigate a cultural transformation from a “culture of self-centered values, conflict and division” to a culture that “reflects the nature of our Creator and His culture of love and service to others.”

Dr. Moon has pointed out that leadership takes many forms in the life of a woman. In their public lives, women have made important and unique contributions to conflict resolution, peacebuilding, education, and economic, social and political development, to name a few. Just as important, yet less recognized, is a woman’s leadership her private life with her family. Dr. Moon said in her address at the Global Peace Convention 2013, “Women are central to raising the qualities of character and habits of the heart within the family.”

Global Peace Women International Launch Korea 2012 04 Jun Sook Moon

Global Peace Women was launched at the close of the Global Peace Convention 2011 in Seoul, Korea.

The family forms the foundation for “vibrant communities and stables nations.” Responsible citizens and ethical leaders learn the basic values and principles of leadership in the family. Furthermore, innovative leaders find confidence to take risks in the enduring love of their parents. Women play a large part in nurturing the moral and spiritual foundation within the family. Thus, women hold the key to peace.

During the convention, Dr. Moon described the growth of a girl into womanhood. Her description shows how in the family, girls grows into their role as “mediators, healers, and communicators in all facets of society.”

“As a girl grows up, she grows not just in physical strength or intellectual ability, but also, she grows her heart.  Within the family, she receives and gives love, and she deepens and widens her ability to understand others as she passes through each stage.  Mothers, nurture and raise the next generation, as they model and educate children in living a life of service and love for others.  The grandmother is often the person who can be the confidant of every person in the household—because her heart is big enough to relate to every different situation.”

Global Peace Women recognizes the unique value and qualities that women contribute to the family and society. Dr. Moon’s approach to cultivate women’s public and private leadership is a central piece in empowering half the world’s population to secure the dream of One Family Under God.