A member of GPYC-USA, Becoming One With The Natural World

A member of GPYC-USA looks over the cliff he scaled during a mountain challenge program in Montana lead by True North Adventures Outdoor Education.

I was reminded of why I go into the mountains when I read about the mountain challenges of the youth leaders from the Global Peace Youth Corps in Mt. Kilimanjaro and the mountains of Montana.

Before any major undertaking I go into the mountains to align my heart and spirit to the goal. A principle in creation is that you have to persevere and invest beyond your limits to receive the gift of achieving your goal. The mountains allow me to challenge my limitations and test my commitment.

After days of trekking through rough terrain your whole body becomes tired. There is deprivation on so many levels –physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some struggle and ask, “Why am I doing this?” At that point, the only thing you have left is your determination and belief in the final goal. If you push forward, your mind becomes clear and your spirit focused.

When you set this kind of foundation, creation offers a blessing in return. This is how you become one with the natural world. And when you connect to the universal principles that govern creation you will achieve your goal. It does not happen with only your ability or physical efforts.

That is why I go to the mountains.