Appreciating God's Masterpiece, Creation and Humanity

Creation is a composition of great diversity.

Creation and humanity is God’s grand masterpiece. Every moment will be filled with awe if everyone sees the world and humanity from this perspective.

A canvas filled with the same color, the same shape, and the same texture makes a pretty bland picture. But what if you accentuate the canvas with different colors, textures and movement? You have a masterpiece.

Creation is a composition of great diversity. Deep in the mountains you see many colors, feel many textures, and smell many aromas. Your senses are fully stimulated. A picture with such variety is profoundly beautiful. Each unique individual part is also exciting. That’s why spending time in the wilderness is such a joy. Every single day reveals new and fascinating things: different plants and foliage, animals and birds, terrains and waterways.

Humanity is the same. The amazing variety of ethnicities and cultures add color and texture. Every person is part of God’s masterpiece. Everyone should appreciate diversity but recognize humanity’s common identity as one family under God.