On April 21, the world celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day. The United Nations states that the cultural and creative industries play an essential role in economic growth, sustainable development, and “represents a source of identity” for individuals and communities around the globe. The value of creativity and innovation cannot only be measured monetarily, but arguably most importantly through the dialogue and understanding it provides between people.

Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon coined the term “Moral and Innovative Leadership” at the 2010 Global Peace Convention in Nairobi, Kenya where he addressed the challenges of identity-based conflict and development.

“Moral and innovative leadership can tap the wellspring of innate human creativity because as self-governing, responsible and ethical citizens, such leaders are best prepared to address even the most intractable social problems… A moral leader is guided by a common vision that reflects the most fundamental human aspirations, conforms to universal spiritual principles that govern human life, and is committed to advance the greater good before self-interest.”

Dr. Moon is the Founder of Global Peace Foundation (GPF), where moral and innovative leadership is a pillar of such programs as the International Young Leaders Assembly, Global Peace Volunteers, and the Character and Creativity Initiative transforming education in schools in the Philippines, Malaysia, the United States, Paraguay, Nepal and Kenya.

GPF introduced the Character and Creativity Initiative to work with educators, students and community stakeholders in transforming education and making it relevant to the challenges of the 21st Century. The program helps to nurture character, creativity and interpersonal skills in students while placing emphasis on a school culture that supports students to grow up as leaders of character first and allowing those traits to propel them as moral and innovative entrepreneurs.

Buru Buru is one of the schools in Kenya benefitting from the CCI program where GPF introduced an environmental program incorporating planting trees of virtues as a way of nurturing character and creativity.

Innovative leadership is forward looking, out-of-the-box, and possibility driven. Such leadership inspires people to use their God-given creativity to make advances and transformation in every sector of the human endeavor to challenge obstacles and search out new solutions.

What are you doing to cultivate your character and creativity?