“Current research by numerous neuroscientists, psychologists, and sociologists support the conclusion that, in general, women have a greater capacity for empathy, compassion and the understanding of others’ hearts. These qualities motivate women to aid in reconciliation and find resourceful, innovative ways to support the overall well-being of their families, the wider community and the world. These qualities foster the culture of living for the sake of others, which is essential to building world peace.”  -Dr. Soonok Kang (GPW Secretary General)

The annual “Living for the Sake of Others” awards recognizes the distinct qualities of women leadership. This year’s awardees exemplify the unconditional dedication of women to people from all walks of life. Recognizing these qualities uplifts the unique role that women play in building healthy families, societies and nations.

Mrs. Jae Soon Cristina Field, the GPW Director for Latin America

Mrs. Jae Soon Cristina Field, the Global Peace Women (GPW) Director for Latin America

This year’s ceremony was held in the Bicameral Chamber of the National Congress, where over 200 leaders participated in the program, including Mrs. Jae Soon Cristina Field, the Global Peace Women (GPW) Director for Latin America. She warmly congratulated the six winners for 2016, emphasizing the unique and important role of women in peace building saying, “Women must be genuine leaders to bring about reconciliation and peace from the family to the world, being able to embrace those who are divided and unite them.”

Global Peace Women recognizes the distinct, innate qualities that women contribute in their leadership roles in their families and societies. Programs such as the Annual Living for the sake of others celebrates and supports the role of women and mothers in raising healthy families.

Renowned family counselor Dr. José Antonio Montiel presented the keynote address guided by the theme, “Family as the Center of Emotional Development.” There, he conveyed the fundamental role of the family as the core of society, particularly the role of parents in the emotional development of children into healthy, happy adults.

Recipients of the 2016 Living for the Sake of Others awards in Paraguay

Recipients of the 2016 Living for the Sake of Others awards in Paraguay

“The most important words, directly related to emotional communication and the heart, are the following: I love you, I accept you as you are, you are worth so much and you will achieve your goals. These are short words, with tremendous emotional weight.” With these words, Dr. Montiel encourages parents to reflect on their roles as providers, not only in the physical development of their children, but especially in the arena of mental and emotional growth as young people discover what they value most in life.

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, and his wife Junsook Moon is the chairwoman of Global Peace Women.