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Sustainable Development for Families in Nepal

For more than a decade, the Global Peace Foundation has supported families in forging sustainable solutions to the developmental challenges facing Nepal’s largest city. A recent project called Green Homes: Green Kathmandu is countering poor waste management, severe water pollution, and worsening air quality. The ongoing program empowers families with the knowledge and skills to transform their homes into eco-friendly properties. Participants engage in rooftop farming, rainwater harvesting, and other sustainable techniques that the Nepalese people take ownership of and use to further uplift their communities.

PeaceHub Campaign Advances a Culture of Service in India

Discover how youth and families in India are advancing peaceful communities through a culture of service with a unique peacebuilding approach facilitated by Global Peace Foundation.

Cooperative Societies Bridge Religious and Cultural Divides in Nigeria

Global Peace Foundation’s unique approach to peacebuilding incorporates universal shared values to bridge religious and cultural divides. Check out the work of GPF Nigeria, which has established Peace and Reconciliation Committees and Cooperative Societies.

Transformative Education Model Empowers Youth for Peacebuilding in the Global South

The future can substantially change when we can inspire the youth and empower them with character, universal values, and moral and innovative leadership capacities. Global Peace Foundation’s new enterprise, Transforming Education in the Global South, incorporates...

Moral and Innovative Leadership

The deciding factor in times of challenges, is always moral and innovative leadership, on every level.

Korean Dream

A cutting-edged approach to Korean Unification rooted in the shared spiritual heritage of the Korean people

Vision in Action

Advancing approaches to peacebuilding and development based on universal principles and shared values.


Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is the founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), established in 2009 and currently active in 24 countries. Working across lines of identity – from culture, ethnicity, religion, and beyond – GPF works to foster the moral, innovative leadership necessary to resolve the most pressing issues in our world today.

Dr. Moon’s disciplined focus on a common vision, universal principles and shared values guides GPF in building innovative models of peace, development and a global network of multi-sectoral partners. Even while addressing local issues, numerous regional and international level conventions, forums and programs, enables the organization to garner lessons and best practices for a global community.

Dr. Moon has a lifelong passion for empowering young leaders, particularly in emerging countries. He founded Service For Peace in 2002 to provide international service learning opportunities for youth of diverse backgrounds who work together to address urgent social needs. Service For Peace is now established in 27 nations and has special consultative status with the United Nations.

“Today’s young people are growing up during a time of globalization. Their minds are not divided by nation or by culture. Their energy and idealism that can open up new opportunities.”


“In today’s world, there are so many changes taking place simultaneously that only those societies that can develop a vision of the future are going to be able to handle them.” ~ Henry Kissinger

National Transformation

“Moral leadership provides the roadmap for nation-building by outlining a vision rooted in universal principles and shared values, while innovative leadership provides the methods to realize that vision.”

Moral and Innovative Leadership

“The deciding factor at such times is always moral and innovative leadership, on every level.”

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon has promoted “moral and innovative leadership” as the key to tackling the unique and complex problems of our time.

Global Leadership Network

We are One Family under God. This is the real idea that is going to push us to change the world. We can create a new world with sustainable peace and change the world in favor of humanity.

Vinicio Cerezo

Former President , Guatemala

To be a successful human being, it is not enough to be a professional success; you have to share and care. To share and care for your family is natural, but you have to share and care beyond your family.

Dr. Manu Chandaria OBE

Chairman and CEO, Comcraft Group