“With young people, the most important thing is passion… You have to be passionate about the future you want to create.” –Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

The role of young people in the achievement of sustainable global peace is gaining momentum as technology and social media only continues to strengthen the voice and impact of those who wield it in the twenty-first century.

To address the most urgent issues facing today’s global society and equip young people to play an active role in making a difference, entrepreneurs and leaders spoke to thousands of youth from thirty-five countries assembled at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. Ms. Karen Davila, broadcaster for ABS-CBN, spoke on the power of social media and the vast majority of youth who exercise its potential. She urged young people to use that incredible power to influence the world positively.

A ready example of this potential was demonstrated by the young leaders who engaged in social media contests leading up to the Summit, sharing their ideas and thoughts on global issues and electing their top three Sustainable Development Goals, including hunger, poverty, and education.

Many of those gathered at the Summit are already actively involved in groups dedicated to resolving global problems.

Anne Curtis, celebrity ambassador of UNICEF, said the lack of quality education for children was a pressing issue with many implications for the future. With lessons that are carried throughout one’s entire life, childhood is a critical time for development. “Be the initiative you want to be and share with your community how quality education is actually important,” Ms. Curtis advised.

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston, at the Global Youth Summit in Manila, Philippines.

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon welcomes thousands of young leaders at the Global Youth Summit in Manila, Philippines.

Participants found the summit memorable and inspiring, leaving many hopeful about resolving the difficult world issues discussed at the Summit in their lifetime. One delegate and youth leader reflected that the Summit reinforced to him the importance of the next generation as the mission force in bringing change.

The Global Youth Summit is an annual program designed to clarify and uplift shared values that guide future leaders with a moral and innovative capacity. The summit followed the 2017 Global Peace Convention, where Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon described the importance of moral leaders in his opening address saying, “Moral and innovative leadership can tap the wellspring of innate human creativity because as self-governing, responsible and ethical citizens, such leaders are best prepared to address even the most intractable social problems.”

Moral and innovative leaders are guided by a common vision that reflects the most fundamental human aspirations. By conforming to universal spiritual principles, young people can be united across the globe to pursue solutions that not only benefit their local communities, but also advance the greater good of humanity before their own self-interest.

Global Peace Youth (GPY) Philippines was one of the major organizers for the Summit. As the youth division of Global Peace Foundation, GPY promotes a network of young people who exemplify moral and innovative leadership qualities. GPY leaders take ownership over the challenges facing their communities around the world and utilize creative strategies to provide solutions.

Read more on the Global Youth Summit on www.globalpeace.org. Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is the Founder and Chairman of Global Peace Foundation.