Dr. Moon’s latest book, Korean Dream: A Vision of a Unified Korea, has hit the shelves of bookstores in Korea. The book, written in Korean, presents a compelling vision for unification.

Korean Dream book

A Vision for a Unified Korea. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon’s newest book in Korean.

He writes:  I cannot speak for you but I do not want to live in or accept the reality of a divided Korea. I want to dream of a united Korea, vibrant with hope and pregnant with possibilities.

I want this new Korea to set the paradigm of a new enlightened state that reflects the best of the East and West as well as the past, present and future. I call this aspiration the Korean Dream. This vision is rooted in our rich and unique past yet has the possibility to engage creatively with the modern world.  It is a dream that all Koreans can share, and, if we do, together, we can turn it into reality.

We can transcend the artificial division of our peninsula and fulfill our providential destiny as a united people and nation, with a moral mission to “serve humanity.” Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is chairman of the Global Peace Foundation.

Get your copy here. (The book is in Korean) Stay tuned for the extended bibliography.