We need people who can dream, and who are bold enough to take that dream and make it into something real and profound. We need people of enterprise that can be creative and move issues forward. We need people who can offer new paradigms, new frameworks that can shape and address problems that currently exist in society or in this nation. Those are going to be the movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Young people, be the dreamers that define what this century will be. Be the dreamers that can realize the dreams that have animated humanity ever since our creation. Be willing and bold enough to dream the greatest dream of all – the dream to build One Family under God.

-Hyun Jin P. Moon (Global Youth Summit 2017, Manila, the Philippines)

Dreamers come in all shapes and sizes. Although having big dreams comes more naturally to youth, the ability to envision a future greater than your current reality is actually an important quality for people and especially leaders of all ages.

Without a big dream, we limit our potential, blocking our capacity to thrive under challenging circumstances and preventing ourselves from focusing on self-improvement. Dreaming big is about staying steadfast and growing ourselves; not just changing our goals when they appear less feasible because of the obstacles standing in our way. There are many qualities of dreamers that make them successful leaders and change-makers in society.

SM Mall of Asia Arena - Global Youth Summit 2017

SM Mall of Asia Arena – Global Youth Summit 2017

Here are reasons why you need to Dream Big:

1. Dreaming big gives you a greater perspective on every aspect of life. In order to achieve a great dream, a leader must be able to look at situations from many perspectives to understand how to make substantial steps towards achieving that dream. You are able to better relate with teammates who share that common dream, improving management and social skills.

2. Dreaming big is empowering! Part of continuously dreaming big is not lower the standard of your dream, but rather raise your expectations for yourself. When it comes to realizing a truly big dream, growth is not so much an option but a necessity. To create their reality, dreamers have to grow their character, skills, knowledge and abilities.

3. Dreaming big makes you a stronger person and a better leader. Challenges are essential to growth. When you come face-to-face with tough situations and even failure, a dreamer does not give up. Instead, he or she is able to glean critical lessons and gain practical tools to succeed in the future, building character and know-how along the way.

4. Big dreamers are big optimists. That means more happiness, less stress, and longer lives. An optimistic outlook on life provides you with better emotional health and the clarity, which comes from discerning what you do and do not have control over. Optimists don’t sweat the small stuff, but learn to focus their energy on matters that can propel them towards fulfilling a big dream.

5. Dreaming big gives you a VISION and PURPOSE that can animate your entire life. When your vision and purpose is clear, you are able to develop the strategy, habits and goals that will keep you focused on achieving your dreams. Even if you stumble along the way, you are able to get back on track, guided by that big dream like a compass pointing you in the right direction.

Delegates of the Global Youth Summit 2017.

Dreaming big allows us to discover our purpose and, subsequently, can shape how we live our lives every single day. It ignites our passion and develops our sense of ownership over the change we wish to create.

A truly big dream is never really only for oneself, nor can it be accomplished by oneself alone. In order to create a new reality, we need more people who can dream big because it will take each and every one of us to realize the greatest dream of all: a world of One Family under God.