Taking time to volunteer is not just beneficial for the people being served. Research and interviewing volunteers themselves proves that there is a myriad of benefits to prioritizing charitable service consistently in one’s daily life.

Volunteering is not just for people with extra time or money. Choosing to make time to serve others is a daily choice that becomes a part of one’s lifestyle, like whether we participate in exercising, meditating or quality time with family. It is all about what we choose to prioritize in our life.

Here are reasons to make volunteering a part of your daily life.


  1. Don’t Just Believe in Peace, Make it Happen
    It is easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is also not that difficult when we make service a part of our life mantra. Volunteering is a simple but very effective way to make a tangible difference in the world, build a culture of peace and a community that people want to be a part of. Through volunteering, we meet new people, foster understanding, and compassion, and learn to see each other as one human family. When we are able to see each other in this light, peace becomes a reality in our communities.
  1. Become a Better Person
    As Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon said, “When we practice a lifestyle of service, truly living for others, we exemplify the highest ideals of human character.” Fostering a culture of peace is only possible by cultivating individual character and raising citizens and leaders who are driven by moral principles and values. Volunteering is an opportunity to put your values into practice.
  1. Become a Better Leader
    To lead is to serve. To be able to lead and inspire others, we need first to know, understand and serve others. In knowing their lives, their needs and challenges, we learn to better able offer solutions.Volunteering is an opportunity to expand your network, getting to know like-minded individuals, foster relationships, build teamwork, and practice and develop your knowledge and skills in the real world. It is also a chance to get feedback from others and grow personally and professionally.

    Not only will you experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment, but you will gain a wider vision and real-world application of your knowledge and skills.

  1. Live Longer and Healthier
    Studies show that volunteers are happier and healthier than those that do not volunteer. You might be surprised to find that volunteering was found to be even more beneficial than exercising and eating well later in life.


Considering that our quality of life and health encompasses that which is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, the act of service can exercise all those qualities.

The act of serving others can be as simple as a few hours of manual labor to investing days, weeks, and months in developing a sustainable solution to a challenge in your community.

There are so many opportunities to volunteer or serve others every day. How will you make volunteering a part of your daily life?


Quote from Hyun Jin Preston Moon on service and volunteer